ceiling-kids-smallAs a specialized group practice, one of the major advantages is the ability for the Pediatric dentist and the Orthodontist to work closely toget her, under one roof, to provide a collaborative approach that meets all your child’s dental needs. This approach reinforces our goal to prevent, detect, and treat developing problems early and focus on properly timed treatment to insure the highest standard of care for your child.

With a philosophy of “treating friends, not teeth,” Pediatric dentist Dr Celine Harb is highly experienced with dealing with children and her approach is not to complete treatment at any cost but to help your child become more relaxed and comfortable and thus create a positive stimulus. This often requires time with your child for desensitization, "show-tell-do" rehearsals, distractions, or in some cases the use of sedation.  It is very important for the parent to discuss with us any kinds of fears the child may have or any previous experiences that were negative.