Eon aligners are removable and virtually invisible appliances that straighten and align teeth. A clinically proven alternative to braces, Eon Aligners make treating your teeth a more comfortable and hygienic process without the need for wires and metal brackets. Made from special medical grade materials, each treatment plan is customized to provide you with your own unique step-by-step process towards having the smile you always wanted.

Aligners are scientifically proven to be just as effective as traditional methods of treatment for treating maloclusions (veneers, braces, head gears ). Eon Aligners have a number of benefits however that traditional methods cannot provide you with.


  eon aligner Braces
Effective At Treating Malocclusion  Yes Yes
Removable During Treatment for Eating etc... Yes No
Almost Invisible Yes No
Treatment does not Involve Wiring That Can Irritate Gums & Teeth  Yes No
Allows You to Floss & Brush your Teeth Normally During Treatment  Yes No


Like braces, Eon Aligners work by gradually altering the position of your teeth. Each treatment plan will include a specified number of aligners carefully designed to progressively straighten your teeth. Depending on the severity of each case, Eon will suggest the ideal number of aligners that you should wear over a given time frame to achieve the desired results.

WHAT NOW? Well, if you suffer from mild to moderate malocclusion or crooked teeth and would like to find a remedy that does not include frequent visits to the doctor, obtrusive wiring and is kinder to your gums, then Eon Aligner is right for you!